Math Success: Helpful for Professionals

When you think of a class for reviewing math, do you picture a class full of kid’s studying for the SAT? I wondered the same thing at first. I had the idea that others, as in adult professionals, would get the same impression. I soon discovered that this class is completely online; however, students meet in a classroom environment for extra help on their independent topics. You can even log in at home to review the material anytime you’d like. I recently discussed the class content and setting with Math Success instructor Bliss Lucas. She told me that the class was made up of a variety of students:

 “Actually, there was a mixture of students in last semester’s class. There were students working towards their GED, high school students needing to take the SAT, and secondary teachers preparing for math subject GACE tests. All of the students were at different levels and worked at their own pace.”

The fact that students can work at their own level and pace, is an amazing benefit to this class. Many classes start on one level with a set pace. People find this to be a disadvantage when they already know certain material or want to go faster or slower through lessons. Bliss also mentioned,

“This is an excellent resource because it literally takes students step-by-step through content. It will not let the student advance to a new topic until the previous one is mastered. Also, there are audio tutorials and detailed examples, if needed.”

Math Success gives you the ability to learn exactly what you need to learn with the assistance of an instructor in person. Since this is the case, there is no reason for an accomplished adult to worry about reviewing the basics if they don’t need to, or being the only one their age in the classroom. This is the perfect class to get the math review you need without wasting time or feeling out of place. If you need to prep for an upcoming exam to further your career, Math Success is starting soon. Reserve your spot online by visiting, or call 706.507.8070. Ace that test!

-Kindra Hunter


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