Learn How to Teach Effectively Online

There are numerous benefits to teaching online classes. Many teachers have discovered this already, but if you haven’t, maybe you should give it a second thought. Preparing to teach online can be a great move to better suit your lifestyle. Online classes aren’t just a convenience for students; they are very flexible for teachers as well.  Teachers are able to teach their lessons from any location whether it be a on a trip or in their living room. Teachers also have the ability to post material anytime they need. In most cases, online classrooms can increase interaction between student and instructor; since it’s not face to face communication, students feel more comfortable asking questions or stating opinions. Other types of technology such as webcams, video clips and audio clips can be added to make the teaching/learning process even easier.

However, some teachers love the idea of being in the classroom and wouldn’t want it any other way. If you are that type of teacher you might be interested in adding breadth to your lessons through a hybrid form of class. This means you can schedule online classes as well as in class sessions. This hybrid system will keep you connected face to face with your students, but also allows you the benefit of flexibility and access to helpful online teaching tools. You could also teach at an establishment, but teach an online class for extra income. This would be a good way to get experience with online teaching. Give online teaching a try, you might enjoy it more than you think.

At the Elizabeth Bradley Turner Center for Continuing Education, we are offering an Online Teaching Certificate program that can fully prepare you for your new teaching venture. If you would like to learn more about our certificate program please visit http://continuinged.columbusstate.edu/ or call 706.507.8070.

-Kindra Hunter


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