Become a Confident Speaker

Speaking in public is definitely a challenge that many people face. It’s not an easy task to manage your nerves and convey your message at the same time. However, people that face this challenge and work at it can eventually put their nerves at ease or lose their fear all together. This is the reason people say “practice makes perfect” because even if you are a nervous wreck when speaking in public, there are ways to develop your skills. Tracy Arnold is the instructor for the upcoming class Speak Out! Becoming a Confident Speaker, so I decided to get a few tips to share with you. Tracy mentioned 3 major tips to a better public delivery:

1)     Take deep breaths before getting started.

2)     Make sure to be well prepared prior to the day of the speech.

3)     Realize that it’s normal to be nervous.

Taking deep breaths can help you calm down right before you have to speak by easing that racing heart. It seems to help you slow down and think clearer when you do this. Being prepared is probably the best way to avoid nervousness. When you know exactly what you are going to discuss you naturally feel more confident in the delivery of your message. Make sure to go over what you are going to say with the help of an outline or note cards. It even helps to practice in the mirror. Last but not least, realizing that it’s normal to be nervous helps you cope with anxiety as well. Everyone that speaks in public is just as nervous as you are. It’s about maintaining a relaxed appearance on the outside, even when nerves are bouncing on the inside.

Becoming a good public speaker can be a very valuable quality. Not only will you sound and look amazing when giving a brief speech at friend’s wedding, career opportunities can open up for you too. Consider registering for Tracy’s class if you need to eliminate that pestering fear of public speaking. For registration information, visit our website or call 706.507.8070. Let your confidence shine through.

-Kindra Hunter


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